Stoneware Blue Wash Sperm Whale

Stoneware Blue Wash Sperm Whale

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This happy Sperm Whale is hand made in Wales by the talented Gill Oakley (Stone Hen Ceramics). Each one is hand formed, (not moulded) for an original piece of wall art. Whilst creating these beauties, she was inspired to read Moby Dick!

Gill is a self taught potter from South Wales, passionate about ceramics since her teens.
Influenced by nature, she specialises in surface design and texture, developing ideas using hand carved clay stamps, scalpel cuts, fabrics and natural finds. Each piece is formed by hand and she uses a variety of clays for different outcomes; grogged stoneware for sculpture, and porcelain for its translucency, strength and fineness.


Surface detail and texture is finished in a matte blue, distressed style glaze for this piece. Wired on the reverse to hang on the wall, also looks good propped up on a shelf.

Approximate size: 30cm wide x 20cm tall